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    We have a meeting with the B.A. this morning and will hear first hand just what the hell is going on. I'm hearing 3 different versions on what happened in Dallas so this should clarify things.

    Having said that, And NOT TAKING A POSITION ON ANYTHING! I would like to point out a few things.
    I am hearing a lot of Member saying something along the lines of "Just shut the damn thing down"
    Ok, Where you'z gonna go? You might find a job with the same or better base pay but what about benifits?
    Right now, Nobody pay a co-pay on Medical at YRC. So think about having to overpay for substandard medical from your next job or having to get lost in that joke called oboma care!
    While I know the Pension sucks (MY major problem with all this b.s.!) Maybe a 401k with your new employer (Matching approx 5% of what you put in) is better?

    Work rules?
    What work rules?
    Wanna work 60-70 hours a week WITH NO OVERTIME? (Ask "Da Boys" at Old Dominion or any of the other non-union's, They'll tell you!)
    I'm not trying to sway anyone's opinion here Guys, I'm just pointing out some facts

    The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence!
    Let the attacks begin!
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    I think you may be wrong on the co-pay though. NYS Teamster Fund had a $10 co-pay and I think Central States had a $20.
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    That is correct brother aaronkief on the co-pay

    Just my thought on this is if and i say if there is going to be another 3-5 years with this agreement to help this company. We need to change the language and working rules we're currently under to start.
    Putting our input into COO instead of a numbers cruncher who is so far removed from the people closest to the task.
    Eliminating the waste of $$$ ie: paying salaried personnel a full day when they only work for 4 hours a day...sends a nice message to the work force unequal sacrifice between labor and management..
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    All you say are facts and basic truth...but in saying that how long should we accept being treated with no respect based on the companies use of FEAR ? I won't even get into the numbers on financial waste that is occuring at this time daily but I truly feel its time to just say to YRC " Stop with the Scare Tactics. We The Rank & File Members of The Teamsters Union say No More Concessions or Extentions simply because history tells me no freight company has ever overcome the situation that YRC currently finds themselves in. Teamsters survive No Matter What but to continue on this course and compromise our dignity, credibility, and simply further divide us as a Union is simply not worth it. We have given and given more...for what ?...NOTHING!!.....this Company is no better off than when the Concessions started which is a REALITY THAT MANY SIMPLY IGNORES BECAUSE THEY ARE HOLDING ON TO HOPE BECAUSE OF THE FEAR OF *CHANGE* ...LIFE WON'T END WITH THE DEATH OF YRC & THAT MY BROTHER TO IS A FACT! .......but if U want to submit yourself as being prostituted by a Company who knows exactly what they are doing and calculates new ways of bleeding the employees dry then that's each individuals own choice. They knew these payments were coming due in 2014 yet the extended the first MOU to 2015.....( that's a calculated business decision to put now or never pressure on fearful employees who feel there is no life after YRC for whatever reason.....health, set in their LAZY WAYS, taken this job for granted to long & lost confidence in their own ability to compete successfully in today's workforce aa, and the list of reasons or excuses can go on forever......( In the End Do Whats Best For U and Your family my Brothers & Sisters )
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    Could be wrong but I think Le-high meant to say on the "monthly premiums" not the Doctor bills. :shrug:
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    Word up J-Dawg.....Well said...
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    i guess we have to decide on one of 2 things. keep it going with hopes to recover pay and benf at a later date or go to a non union and hope it will go union to get good pay and benfs?

    putting all of it together we dont get paid terrible in our field. some make more per hr or cpm but all together with our jobs are not bad. but how much longer do we put up with bs and terrible decisions on the top? our current ceo isint bad, hes not perfect but i would rather want him then anyone at this point. he also was not here during the first givebacks nor did we expect such a long and slow recovery.

    if we close this place down the same freight will be on other carriers trucks that we will be hauling. sure rates will be better but being that this field of work sure need more unions , i doubt any place we go will be doing that soon . also the ltl field would slowly deteriorate not get better in the short term.

    both side have valid points . im sick of give backs and bad leadership from the past. i think we have every right to tell them to go **** them selves but if we do i see us closed and hauling the same stuff with some one else with no bright future.

    so do we close it and go on with hopes everything will be better or keep getting beaten down with hope in the future? what a **** sandwich this is
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    You make some good points Lehigh. I can't help but thinking that this is a bluff from the banks and YRC. The banks stand to lose plenty if they don't keep YRC afloat and not much to be recouped thru a fire sale either. This tactic worked once before, so its only natural they would try it again. If there is no future in working for YRC given the anticipated wage freezes, little pension , dwindling sick days and junk equipment. Then the hell with it, let em shut er down. It will force me to get out there and find a real job !

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    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Most of YRCW’s problems are systematic. They refuse to listen to their employees!!!! Each and every employee is an expert in the job he/she does. YRC refuses to recognize that fact. YRC management continues to….DICTATE DOWN. They refuse to… LISTEN UP. If they would learn to LISTEN UP to their employees, we (YRC) would be profitable, again.

    Most employees I have spoken to (both management and union) agree that if management above them would just LISTEN to their ideas and suggestions, we (YRC) would be able to save ½ hour to 1 hour per day of labor cost alone; this does not include operational costs such as fuel, equipment wear and tear , etc.

    This cost savings (not including non-labor operational costs) would have contributed $1.32 billion to the bottom line of the company per year. LISTEN UP, that means that in one (1) year, practically all of our (YRC’s) long-term debt would have been paid off and we would have been debt free and profitable.

    So don’t blame the union for your inability to LISTEN (to your employees--your most valuable assets) and return to profitability.

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