Kansas City is hiring another Chain Delivery driver.

Discussion in 'Gordon Food Service' started by Guardrail, Jun 27, 2014.

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    It would be almost worth the 5 hour commute.
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    Guardrail: What days do you run up here? Mon-Fri or weekends too? Key drops in the middle if the night or normal ( for food service) daytime hours? Just saw this post along with the ad they ran in the paper Sun and am somewhat interested, just wanted to get a feel for life over there before I go any further.
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    We deliver on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. No weekends. The guys usually go out around 3 o'clock in the morning and are back by noon, unless the run is Wichita or Omaha . We only have one back haul right now, and that's out of Topeka.

    We are taking on a bunch of new business in August or September. That will increase the number of routes that we have. We do have quite a few key drops. Initially the job will probably just pay minimums which I think is $220 a day, but as we pick up business, it will increase.

    I run Transit over here, so I don't know that much about the delivery side. Just stuff I've heard by talking to my day driver.

    If you need more information, I can put you in touch with the manager. He has a down to earth guy that will shoot you straight.


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