Kentucky - Second truck-train accident at Clark crossing in two weeks

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    A train collided with a truck Wednesday morning at the same rail crossing along U.S. 31 in Speed where a truck driver was killed two weeks ago.

    The driver in Wednesday’s crash, which happened at 10:41 a.m., was not injured.

    Michael Hill, 34, of Murray, Ky., said he did not see or hear the train before he pulled out from the Essroc cement plant on Riley Drive to turn onto U.S. 31 in Clark County.

    The crossing has no flashing signal or traffic arm.

    Hill said traffic on the highway kept him from making the turn immediately. He sped off the track when the train came, but the engine struck the rear of the truck’s trailer, spilling much of its load of cement bags onto Riley Drive.

    In the May 31 accident, the truck driver, Sherman Simmons, was killed when a train hit his truck at the crossing as he tried to enter the cement plant from U.S. 31.

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