Kidney Stones

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by pro1driver, Jan 2, 2016.

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    Brother Joe the Train is 60 and in good health these days. Finally learned I must take of my body if I expect it to take care of me. I eat to live, I no longer live to eat.
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    and some of us cannot eat, what we once used to be able to...!!!!!!!
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    I once killed one of those 72 Oz steak and tater challenges. For the next two hours, I was afraid I was going to die. During the next two hours I was afraid I was NOT going to die as the pain spread from, um, uh, well, from my Adams apple to my ahole. THAT'S when I got worried. Somehow or another, that side of beef reassembled itself and was coming out, complete with that 29 pound baked potato riding on top.
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    I have heard that if men had every other child the world population would drop dramatically because they could not endure the pain. I have also heard that women often have intense orgasms during child birth. ( I guess I can say that on family friendly board since it's medically related).

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