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    The national carrier with a personal touch.
    At Knight Transportation Inc, we are "Your Hometown National Carrier." What does that mean to you?
    First, it means we offer the service, values and flexibility of a local provider. Second, it means we have the strength and capacity of a large, dependable company you can count on. For our stakeholders, we are stable, responsive, and dedicated to our business.
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    I went thru orientation in 2008, Followed bye a hard time getting my orentation pay, getting screwed for multiples of hours worked,this in the form of hauling paper,serching for lost trailers etc. ,i never did figure out how i could make any money with them., I tried it .My thoughts are,You are the driver Paying for Thyre New truck payment, you make squat in my opinion.You will Not get paid to m ove trailers hours on end chasing one down in san bernadino whatever. I got outa theyre asap.

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