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Discussion in 'Averitt Express' started by jeepman, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Yesterday I pulled a LTL, NAS-TIF. Trl 511716....pretrip went OK...ANNUAL INSPECTION sticker was dated 4/13....while enrte got a msg that the trailer needed the AI done and to please get it to a shop to have it done. Later on the ABS system went Tango Uniform. Got to TIF, told the dock leader the trl needed a AI and the ABS system looked at...to my surprise, they stripped it and put it on the down line. Normally the trl would have been sent down the line. I then backed under trl 512029, I noticed the AI was 2 months over due, went over to the shop....a single night guy was working, told him about it....he dropped what he was doing and told me to bring it in, 3 hrs later I was out of the shop. with new tires, holes in trl repaired and a fresh AI....GOOD JOB TIF:clapping:
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    Credit where credit is due!

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