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    My truck is equipped with a COMFORT PRO APU, week before last while at a customer at Newton NC, I noticed coolant spewing out the APU. I shut down the engine, raised the hood, noticed the coolant tank was empty. I closed the valve leading back to the APU. Called breakdown, I was told that they know about the problem as there is a RECALL on the unit for a bad hose. So I filled the truck up with 6 1/2 gals of water and limped down to CLT. The shop super said there was a recall for a 90* hose coming off the water pump on the APU, they checked ...yep that was it. They said I would have to leave the truck as they do not have the part. WRONG! I continued to drive the truck, just let it idle when I was on break. Got down to FUL, nope they couldn't help me, leave the truck, WRONG! Finally checked with my home shop ORL, they said they could fix it, but didn't have the part, and it would take a couple of days! WRONG! Picked up a beer load in Tampa for Chattanooga, camped out at the service ctr, Stopped by the shop, They said they could repair and had the parts on hand....NO PROBLEM! They also said there was a recall on my steer tires, so they put new ones on! HEY COOKEVILLE this I got a secret crap on recall's needs to stop....HOW ABOUT LETTING US DRIVERS KNOW so we can get them fixed!

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