Labor board says OHFL unfair! Bye bye replacement drivers?

Discussion in 'Oak Harbor' started by v for vendetta, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. I wonder how Oak Harbor will explain the recent unfair labor ruling to the people it has hired as replacements? I wonder what the customers will think of the lying Oak Harbor sales staff when the real builders of this company leaflet again?
    I wonder if the owners will be able to explain themselves when their neighbors, friends,church members ,and business associates,read media reports of their unfair acts?
    Shame! Shame! Shame! NEGOTIATE IN GOOD FAITH NOW!
  2. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    So are the guys who crossed the line replacement drivers also?
  3. silvertooth

    silvertooth Member

    I don't belive so, since they held a position prior to the strike thier positions will be preserved as well. As unfortunate as that is, you guys are just going to have to show them the "respect" they deserve.
  4. truckchick1

    truckchick1 Active Member

    the "replacement /S****/ drivers are now asking us where they stand.
  5. These guys crawled like worms across the line and now in light of recent events they are worried? They are on their own, they've chosen that course. Who cares? THEY MADE THEIR OWN BED LET THEM LAY IN IT! Hopefully anybody thinking of crossing understands that kharma always catches up.

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