Lancaster County,PA.,RT.30/1 Semi stopped & A. Duie Pyle rear ended it.

Discussion in 'A. Duie Pyle' started by Apostolic, May 5, 2010.

  1. Apostolic

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  2. Our driver got banged up pretty good and he survived and has no life threating injurys he will probably be out for a few months
  3. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    Gee Thanks for the update mothertrucker.
    Most crash news links leave so much out of them regarding the truckers,it is very nice to see updates with more details.
    I'm very happy to see this A.Duie Pyle driver will be able to return to his job.
  4. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    WHAT HAPPENED to CAUSE the driver to ram into the trailer??
    WHAT was the driver doing or NOT DOING before impact??
  5. seemegoby

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    day dreaming is a safe answer
  6. I can not answer your ??? Cerberus. I was not in the truck with the driver nor am I spokesperson for the company! But i do work with the guy he is allways carefull and has no prior accidents lets just say SH%t happens and thank God nobody got KILLED!
  7. localdriver

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    I miss you mothertrucker!!!!!!![​IMG]

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