Landstar's Profit Rises 21 Percent

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    Truckload carrier group exercises pricing power in "choppy" market

    Landstar System increased its profit 21 percent to $29.6 million in the second quarter, as the truckload carrier group exercised its pricing power in an improved, albeit slightly “choppy” market.

    The company’s revenue increased 5 percent to $675.6 million in the second quarter compared $641.7 in the same period a year ago. The company’s operating margin rose to 43.6 percent from 38.2 percent within the same period.

    "I would characterize the overall second quarter freight environment as a little choppy, but moving in an upward direction," said Henry Gerkens, chairman, president and CEO.

    Independent contractor yield, or revenue per load, increased 10.7 percent to $1,663.................

    Landstar's Profit Rises 21 Percent | Journal of Commerce

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