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Last week

Discussion in 'PFG' started by grocerythrower, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Well, this is my last week with PFG, I'm sad and excited at the same time, I love this company, however I needed to make a move home and there were no opportunities for me there with PFG, I would recomend PFG Little Rock to anyone, IDK about the other OPCO's, its been a pleasure to be here and I hope Sysco measures up!!

    I'm leaving on great terms and no bridges are burned, I will miss this company something awful, from mgmt., right down to all the drivers, I had a really sweet deal here, but parents getting old need my attention more than I need to stay here, if only they would have put trucks in Tulsa..:(

    I will miss this company greatly, any of you guys looking at PFG Little Rock, I say go for it, you won't be sorry!!


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