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Discussion in 'General Food Service Discussion' started by MikeJ, May 19, 2016.

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    So I've been on vacation all week and, everything has been great except it's now full day #2 of rear oil seal replacement on my 16 year old automobile.

    Anyhow last night I was out getting some pictures for a report I was writing about Roadrunner LTL that's a strange I think there really an OO based truck load company pretending to be an LTL company.

    Any how I get a text message saying that one of our market place stores there freezer went down and they needed a trailer out there. Well I was already out and about so I said yeah I'll pick it up and go do it. So I ran over to our yard and got my truck and hooked up to a trailer set the refer to freezing got the trailer all set up and straightened out and headed out to the market place store. I dropped the trailer there chatted with the management team there a little and then bob tailed back to the yard. Over all it was easy. The volume truck was there delivering shelf stock when I got there.
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    You earned some points there.

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