Latest Central States :horseshit:..... They want me to SUSPEND my application for Retirement

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    Application Election Notice Nov, 13,2015

    On Sept 25,2015, The Pension Fund filed an application with the U.S. Dept of the Treasury to

    Suspend certain benefits pursuant to the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act od 2014. In early October 2015,you should have received a notice of this application along with an individual statement of the effect of the proposal suspension on your benefits. You should consider the effect of the potential benefit suspension on any retirement decision or election that you make.

    In light of this information we need you to advise the Plan whether you want to place your APPLICATION ON HOLD until more specific information is provide to you concerning the potential impact on your benefit. Please indicate your choice below:

    __ Place my application on hold until further notice

    __Approve my application for benefits

    By signing this form I understand that under the Muliemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014, benefits may be SUSPENDED EVEM AFTER I BEGIN RECEIVING MY MY PENSION.

    _________________ ________________ _____________

    Signature SSN DATE

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    They are not asking you to suspend the retirement, what they want is to make sure you are aware your pension could be reduced to the amount given in the letter you received from CSPF in October. If for some reason you didn't get a letter I would be contacting them for another copy, it spells out exactly the amount they are proposing to cut your pension.

    I retired early in the summer and although I didn't receive a notice exactly like yours they gave me enough warnings the pension would be reduced in the future.
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