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  1. Just got laid off this morninig 57 Drivers from my class down Just got insurance So thats gone Said it could be till March . Just got back on my feet from Jevic BK It looks like it is going to be hard to find a good paying Company to work For I started 06/2008
  2. layoffs Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. TAH

    TAH Member

    the recession deepens

    Sorry about the layoffs , but I wonder when the next class is . when they let the p+p drivers go they kept on hireing .
  4. 2nd shift

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    Are you guys that slow that there are lay offs? If so good luck to all you drivers ect.Good things will happen have hope.
  5. I heard that it was more like 70 drivers to get layed off. All the ex-Jevic drivers except for a few that are running teams were let go. Looks a lot like Jevic. Except they cant blame it on a few Southern Terminals. This is just the beginning!!
  6. xeastend

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    That is why I did not bother with them.No way could they absorb that many drivers
    and office people in this lousy economic environment.Besides,I want a life outside
    the truck.
  7. TAH

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    70 , thats a lot of people , management must be in a tizzy , hire scores of people one month ,then lay off soon there after . I guess the work they anticipated has not materialized . The Manufacturing sector is at a standstill due to wall street and raw material demand is down (lower gas prices) so transportation is the first place to feel the effects of a slow down in the economy and one of the first places to pick up when the recovery starts . Lets hope for everyones sake it recovers quickly .
  8. 2nd shift

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    I hope for a quick recovery.And that is alot of people losing there jobs.Good luck to all
  9. BuzzBeez

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    No heater freight?

    N.C. should be starting to get lots of heated freight starting about now. All of what they had plus most of Jevic's old accounts.
  10. Truckerwife723

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    Hubby got laid off too. A couple of weeks before the insurance was to kick in. We haven't recovered from the layoff from Jevic yet.... hoping he finds something else soon.
  11. bigbird42368

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    I don't believe any truck driver with any company is completely secure these days
  12. xeastend

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    From what I heard,NC did not get the freezeables that they expected,thus the layoffs
  13. localdriver

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    Yes! even Harry's magic touch cant stop the effects of todays economy at the big red machine, We too are feeling the pinch at Big R, as far as the heated freight goes, if we have a mild winter like last, there will be no need for the once great heat fleet. Customers will realize that they wont have to sign on the dotted line and pay thru the nose for a service that is not needed:smilie_132:
  14. daycab18

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    or never get...pulled off heated trailer then sit it on j7 dock for a day or two, then loaded on heated trailer w/dead or missing battery that just went thru minor p.m., or better yet on a non heated trailer:eck13:thanks for the donation!!
  15. Good thing i left there! Im the last one they hired at roadway. Philly! Things not that great there! They have laid off! I dont work every day! I do work for a temp service also for some work also! Davis transport in cherry hill if anyones interested! Im surviving! Thanks jevic!!!!!!
  16. super

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    new century = jevic on steroids
  17. localdriver

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    dont forget to throw some ego in there!
  18. pablohablo

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    Good time to do something

    Looks like its a good time to do some soul searching and become a nurse or paramedic or something that has a future. Let's face it trucking is going the way of the mills these days. We will all be looking at a career change soon I think. Good luck in whatever you do!
  19. bigbird42368

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    I'm 40 yrs old wonder if it is to late to become a sexy nurse? lol lol
    don't laugh so hard ,some women like 300 lb 6'2" men lol lol
  20. TAH

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    I hear that with the last layoff and most recent layoff (lastweek) between office ,dock,and drivers it is close to 150 people , and hours and days worked in the office have been reduced also . 6 hour days x 4 days a week for some . bad mojo all over Con -Way closes 40 centers , layoffs at most carriers . I'm ready to Obamma ,how about you?

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