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Discussion in 'New England Motor Freight' started by pro1driver, Jul 21, 2011.

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    sorry if this was ever asked here before, but i do need to know....

    ok and what i need to know is, "do all the line haul drivers now do a one or two night per week away from home runs, or are the over night runs for new hires only"..??? can this be negotiable for some people that simply cannot do over night runs.?? or is it "set in stone" by central dispatch..??

    thanks in advance to all that respond.
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    Seniority rules....!

    If the new guy can't do overnight then he should probably look for a new job
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    There are plenty of sr men doing lay over runs. Some are layover bids, some open board. There are also plenty of jr men forced onto layover trips, more on the open board than bids I'd guess. Really depends on the terminal in question and their freight levels. Same old seniority based rules apply, offer from the top down, force from the bottom up.

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