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Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by riff raff, Jul 29, 2016.

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    I think it is actually a case of hitting rock bottom with no place to go but up. Will it be short lived? Only time will tell. My bet is they will sink back down. People don't change, they simply reveal themselves. I find it hard to believe this owner could ever change.
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    Was wondering what stl pay is and where you guys run to was looking at ct for a position any would help thx
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    From what I hear it's the same Ole ct at work new truck torn up 50 to 60 over on service I thank the only reason your seeing change cause the feds going to shut them down look at there scores
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    All the flat rates are based off of 25-26 dollars per hour. A new hire can expect between 1100-1300 a week gross. Hopefully this helps. Take everything you hear on here with a grain of salt. Alot has changed in the last couple of years and all for the better. I guarantee you you will work every night and the pay is desent. You will never have to worry about being bought out and I know Texas also has new Pete's and Internationals if that matters to you. Very very few of these guys on here actually work for Central. Most came on board with us through a buy out and figured they were going to call the shots. All got a rude awakining. Good luck where ever you end up

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