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Discussion in 'AAA Cooper Transportation' started by j418, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Left there after being there 10 years. Had my 3 weeks but got tired of doing more for same amount of money. Hook up no pay. Break down sets and put to dock every morning no pay. Go to a terminal and if freight not ready and they didn't need help on dock you sat there for no pay. Total bs company. If any company ever needed the union its Aaa Cooper. That's why I left and came to abf. Hell it my first year at abf I made 25,000 more than my best year at Cooper. On top of that I have great insurance also. Not that shitty lack of insurance they have at cooper
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    At ABF They pay for all work. It great knowing that I will not be sitting at a center for free for 2 hours . I came from FedEx Freight ,they have tried to copy the teamster contract , but not the teamster rules, they are like most non union places, make up rules along the way. At ABF the rules are set by contract and the company must go by them. I have worked for both non union and union.. Union is the way to go!
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    We need more like you to explain this to your former co workers
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    Is there any wonder why there's a driver shortage revolving door. Most companies try to figure out every which way not to pay. I seen companies slice and dice pay, their so-called premium, industry-leading pay, like drivers are some kind of sales person driving a truck. Then driver gets out there sits in traffic, adverse weather conditions, customer hold ups, mechanical issues, rd construction, route changes and on and on. Then 12 13 hours later drivers tries to figure out what did they get paid for, what did they not get paid for screw it, are they getting paid. Is there really a incentive to stick around.
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    At Southeastern, we get 8.50 a break and 8.50 a hook. After one hour, we go on the clock. Don't get paid to fuel though, but we're working on it.
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    Because owner is to cheap to pay brainwashed driver to do it. Stay far away from this place they will run in ground and watch from the camera in truck.
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    Considering how much turnover we’ve got you’d think they would start paying

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