LTL can't make money with your friends at the helm

Discussion in 'Roadrunner Transportation' started by oriolefan, May 6, 2016.

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    The fluffer over at Roadrunner has hired every friend and spent like a disgruntled divorced woman. Keep hanging that hat on mediocre service at a premium cost. How's that working out for ya. so much more to be said but losing money with no traction speaks for itself. GO FLUFFER!
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    Why so bitter Wayne? Because you, your frat buddy & daddy Donnie got fired after you three lost the company $100 million over your 4 yrs? If I remember correctly the previous "fluffer" hired you and all his personal fluffers to run the company into the ground, and once he was forced out you had no one to protect you. Hey but at least daddy Don took care of you in the end. But no matter what, you'll still always be a failure and your face will always resemble a giant rat.
    So you realize people that read this can just look at the stock before you got there and after you inserted yourself and your first round draft picks.

    I believe stock price prior to you was let's say $22 per share. Today I believe you are around $8. I guess the entire market is not telling the truth. Can't run from the facts FLUFFER!

    PS- I love the Wayne Loves Don title. Hard pressed to find a title that says "Somebody Loves Fluffer." Lonely times when you can't figure out how to make money as a cheap cost provider. I know, you have a 3 year plan. That is what people say after they destroyed a company in the first 2 years. OH IO BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Almost forgot, when you publicly go on line and call people fired even though they are RIF'd, doesn't that become legal trouble??? No wonder you can't make money, you can't even speak without tasting your foot.

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