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Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Rusty Moore, Jul 5, 2017.

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    I work for an LTL company right now in the Raleigh/Durham area. Not one of the better ones in many peoples eyes. (not gonna state the company for I want input on this thread with no bias) But its going alright. I run city for 8 hours a day then hop on the dock for 1-2 hrs. Average about a 40-50 hour work week. Wich is fine by me I'm NOT someone who wants to work 60+ hrs every week. On call 1 saturday every 8 weeks. So I basically never work weekends... thank god.

    My job fits what is ideal for me but there are some things I wish would change... 2 in general... Dock Work & Vacation time.

    I would rather run 10 hours in the city than run 8 & then 2 on the dock. The idea that a CDL driver actually has to run a forklift is obsurd. I would rather be out in the city longer, go back & just drop my trailer. Rather than rush to get in so I can have my truck unloaded & loaded for linehaul. Then our vacation (PTO time actually) is complete dogshit. In my opinion... for every 8 weeks worked you earn 1 day of PTO. . Isnt it much easier to get 1 week after a year... 2 after 3 years & 3 maybe after 5 years or so?????

    If you can determine what company I work for with that info above more power to you. If not what are some companys that I might want to look into? Again my top 3 factors are.

    1. NO dock work.
    2. Weekends off.
    3. Decent Vacation Policy (insurance not really needed)

    Any info/questions just comment below. Appreciate all the help in advance.
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    Not being a wise a$$ Rust,but first off just about every LTL will have you doing,some, dock work.
    And only picking up like 6 days a year vacation time? Is that a permanent formula for every year? If so,that is not very good.
    In response to your last 3 issues.
    1. Like I said,unless you can come in off the street and just punch out,apparently your outfit wants the freight moved as soon as possible for linehaul.( service)
    2. Weekends off? 1 day in possibly 8 weeks? I have been a combo driver for 32 years now,and never work weekends because I do work 50 plus hours a week.
    3. Insurance not really needed? If you have that luxury of not needing insurance, then I would ask,why are you even driving a truck and go find a job, M- F, from 8-5?
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    "Not one of the better ones" are in every megalopolis/city/town.

    What about Food tossing delivery to equal NO LOADING DOCK work?
    There are LTL/TL companies that have no dock work yet I'm not versed in such info.
    Do they PAY YOU to be "on call"??

    I'll shuttle and switch trailers and the only times I get on docks are to set the electric/air loading plates or toilet access.
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    Hate to inform you Rusty. those companies you are looking for have been out of business for a few years.
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    Rusty, that is a tough bill to fill. LTL is rough on a man, hours, pay's not what it used to be and more. You haven't complained about your pay so I take it you're OK with that part. The only think that you're going to find that might better somewhere else is maybe vacation. At ABF new hires get NO vacation for two years, then they get one week until 8 years of service when they pick up a second week. At most shops even when you get vacation bottom guys won't be able to get a summer vacation unless their knees or back get sore and they get a doctor's note. There are some good jobs out there but they are hard to find and harder to land. Look at chemical companies, they seem to do OK.

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