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Discussion in 'Saia' started by Jo mama Angie daddy, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. crobinson1324

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    I hear ya man. My current company is doing a drivecam crack down. In addition to no handheld devices we are going to no Bluetooths, no cbs, no eating and no drinking. Might as well be a robot.
  2. PistonRing83

    PistonRing83 Well-Known Member

    What company?? I wonder if it will take as long for them to learn their lesson as it did Saia. They are just now starting to back off on all the frivolous BS...
  3. truckdriver

    truckdriver Active Member

    The last time I got coached, I asked the terminal manager about that cup coffee he was drinking while I was being coached?
    His forehead turn red....and he told me that was all.
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