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    Anyone know anything about what they've got going on in KC? Running ads so I'm assuming they're dropping trailers somewhere here in town. I've seen drivers lift gating full pallets then wheeling in, the lack of digging/sorting is really appealing to me but wonder about the pay, distance they're running out of KC, etc.
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    The pay is suppose to be pretty good. Competitive with all the big companies. I looked into them last year before I got the job I'm at now. Lift gates seem very appealing to me to
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    We have a driver at our yard who used to work for them on call 24-7 extra board in the beginning. Here in Cleveland it's all Burger King and Wendy's. Sleeper Cabs for the most part usually when you're in a sleeper and brand new you get the out of state routes the older guys with seniority get the local day cab stuff, 2 man teams most of the trucks are automatics at least here in Cleveland Volvo Sleeper Cabs the Volvo model one up from the VNM200. All ramps and 48'. Wendy's you have to take temperature readings of all the hamburger meat. Burger King not so much just wheel the stuff in.

    Dry goods come out the back cooler and freezer come out the side. Company is based out of Conklin, New York and I do think runs as a broad line on the east coast because they have 28' and have ads looking for Class B CDL drivers so they do have straight trucks that run out of warehouses in New York and Boston area delivering produce.

    Here in Cleveland though Mains runs as a customized distributor and its all Wendy's and Burger King. My guess in Kansas City is they are doing some kind of chain account.
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    I seen them around town doing Olive gardens other then that its all lift gate and then two wheel in. That is here in the Kc area.

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