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    I would like to apply for a job at the Hyannis MA branch as a driver. Could anyone tell me what the starting pay would be. Also is it straight hourly or is it hourly plus incentive ( per case ) ? Thanks !
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    Didnt notice the year was 2011 , not 2012 so I looked online about this,just on a lark.There was a labor dispute in Mass. as USF closed the major barn in Everett that was union. Any way there is a shuttle job available to Conn. from Hyannis Ma. hauling pups.Its more like a customer pickup store than a facility. Here are some exerpts from the add:

    May 18 2012
    Title: Shuttle Driver - Hyannis
    Location: MA-Barnstable

    Shuttle from Hyannis to Norwich Connecticut:
    Must be able to apply tire chains.
    Must be able to perform coupling procedures for the Tractor/Trailer

    No pay mentioned ,but chains? Not even the snow plows use them anymore up here.Last time i had chains was on a 1958 ford twin screw tractor , concrete casting block on the fifth wheel, plowing the seedier side of Boston, the bury , in the late 60's. Every time I lifted the plow , I lost most of my air pressure.
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    For some reason USF has that deal about tire chains on all their ads, or used to last time I looked, none of us use them, except in the mountians out west where they are required.

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