MD.Fatal trucker Semi plunged off bridge.

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Apostolic, Aug 10, 2008.

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    I did a little research regarding clean ups and who does and doesn't pay for them. I found out that if a personal auto causes a wreck that results in a spill, none of the insurance companies I spoke to would pay for the clean up - it's not in the policy!
    Now if the spill isn't cleaned up and it causes DAMAGE to property, THEN the situation falls under that part of a policy. It's a catch-22.
    But now look at the commercial side of the insurance coverage - almost without exception - spills ARE covered. (getting some insurance companies to pay up though...well that's another issue)
    So while the accident is not the trucker's fault, nor should it fall to the trucking company to insure the clean up - that's the "behind the scenes" issue that is being fought out between private and commercial insurance companies.
    Until the rules are changed and anyone who is responsible for an accident that causes a spill is made to pay (either by changed insurance policy rules, a loan, credit card or heck, even cash), the trucking companies are going to keep getting stuck with the bill.
    And no - it's not fair.

    Drive safe ya'll!
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    I dont understand why in a truck vs car accident the car drivers are not forced to take drug and alcohol tests as well. Oh well, just a pet peeve of mine, but considering that car drivers are at fault 9 out of ten times it just makes sense.
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    I think the young gals insurance company may be looking for a way to get this trucking company to share in the fault,as well as any of to costs associated with this crash.

    Maybe this is just my opinion,but It wouldn't be the first time someone pulled something like that.

    It just seemed very strange that it was reported to the fact the authorities were looking into the activity of the trucker,just hours after this gal admitted she was at fault be falling asleep at the wheel the time of impact.

    Well the full details of this crash will never be made public,so everything is just speculation on our part to the final outcome of this crash investigation.

    Although I do thank everyone for their posts in reguards to this crash.
    And really apperciate Trn Dancer for looking into to the insurance angle.

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