Memorial Day

Discussion in 'General Food Service Discussion' started by MikeJ, May 24, 2015.

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    Thank you to every one in the military for you're service to the country.

    Also to all you working this Holiday weekend thank you as well. Tomorrow I'll be on the road right there working with all of you as well the groceries must get through.

    Thank you LTL line haul drivers, OTR drivers, food service shuttle and transit drivers, gasoline haulers, lay over food service drivers for keeping the chain restaurants supplied (MBM, Sygma, PFG Customized & McLane),
    Also Coke, Pepsi and all the beer and liquor trucks thank you as well for keeping everyone's thirst quenched.

    Saturday night 10:30pm as I see every holiday weekend I see a Papa John's Food Service Team running hard down Rocky River, drive in Cleveland, Ohio going from the Kams Corner Papa John's to the Lakewood, Ohio Papa John's. 10:30pm on Saturday night on a major Holiday weekend the bars and restaurants were packed all over the country, but in trucking that doesn't matter we have to get it done 24/7 365. The country is counting on us and needs us, they just don't know it yet...
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    You're welcome. Jk...they told me I'd work so that would have been six days but got a text tonight saying I'm off. Still getting paid, gotta love the union and God bless the few decent American jobs that still treat employees fair!
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