Michigan - Truck Driver Killed in Crash

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    A portion of Michigan Avenue in Pittsfield Township was closed after a fatal semi-truck accident, Monday.

    During Monday morning rush hour, a truck driver died when he lost control of his vehicle, flipped the truck into oncoming traffic and collided with a Cadillac.

    Ritchie Coleman, Pittsfield Township Public Safety, said, "At about 6:53 this morning, we received a series of 911 calls from the truck that had lost control on Michigan Avenue going east. The truck, as it flipped over, the [Cadillac] coming westbound hit the cab.

    "What happened is that we believe the truck driver did lose control, went into the shoulder of the road, the trailer and the box portion, which looked like he was carrying parts, as it shifted he over corrected and lost control. The truck moved over, flipped on its side, moving into the westbound traffic where the oncoming vehicle did hit the [cab]."

    The semi-truck driver was killed and the driver of the Cadillac was taken to the hospital in critical, but stable condition.

    According to investigators, the semi-truck had Canadian plates.


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