Monday 2-22-2016

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    Well so today at work was pretty easy I guess. Not to much to say on that end I showed up at work about 3:50am and left the yard a little bit before 4:30am and left my first stop around 5:30am and left my second stop about 6:15am and so on and so fourth.

    Anyhow I did my 99 stop before my 98 stop because I wanted to keep the customer happy, they ended up not being there anyhow which made it even easier. Anyhow I rendezvous with a Northern Haserot Brandt driver while I was at this place and good thing to, because he knew all the combinations to get into the freezer and cooler. Anyhow he said to me "I don't know about you guys, but we've been pretty busy haven't really slowed down very much, at all since after the new year."

    I said "We got a little light for about a week in January however it's been pretty steady and over all not that slow. We had some days that were a little slow, but we also had some days that were pretty heavy though too, so over all though were pretty steady. Were pretty much busy and busier."

    How about you guys are you guys busy?
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