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    I want to get with a company that will pay me the most. A industry that is steadily busy. Yes, I am 42 but feel I have 8 years in me for physical work. My goal is to payoff my house as quick as I can. Also my son has two years of high school left and I would like to help with college. Once that is done than I can rethink my situation. It would be great if I can get an idea of what net money people are bringing home a week or a month. 1300 a week net would be great for me. At least 1000 a week net would do. Also do these food service companies have retirement benefits. Thanks
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    Dude idk how much more info ppl can give you. If it's taking you that much convincing to make the switch maybe you shouldn't do it? Bottom line you gonna do 70k plus a year. Maybe less your first year. Your gonna bust your ass all day every day. At first it will be the most miserable job you have ever done, until you become familiar with boxes,stops, etc. Especially when that one 6 10 case you need is on the bottom under 65 other cases you don't need . The faster you go the more cases they will put on you which means more money but also more hours or faster running. Try it and see for yourself you may love it. If you don't there's plenty other great paying driving jobs looking for help.
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    Well I knew some people would get annoyed but, I thought this forum was about (information and dissuasion). I am detailed and specifics oriented so sorry for that. Anyway you'll have a great evening.
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    Have you applied for the position? I'm sure in the interview they will give you all details. Every center for every company varies. Let us know what you decide. BTW like I've told you before have you tried odfl? You can easily do 80k to 100k running linehaul

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