More layoffs coming 11-20

Discussion in 'Saia' started by CWman, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Well, SJ if it happens I will just go draw my unemployment and start over in the spring. I knew the stock had dropped but the operation ratio didn't take a massive hit so I just ignored the rumors. The company has been good to me so I have no complaints. With my CDL intact I'm in pretty good shape to find another job. I'm debt free and my IRA is substantial. I will move forward like I always do. And thank SAIA for the opportunity.
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  2. nobodysboy

    nobodysboy here to inform not to conform.

    are you old enough for social security. that's where old people go.
  3. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Don't make me apply at R+L for a dispatch position old timer. If I get cut your good friend Paul S. will take me on at OD to finish out my career. And you know that. Smart ass.
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  4. MachOne

    MachOne Member

    The last time we got a big raise it only lasted about six months, then they cut pay, stopped contributing to the 401k, and had big layoffs. Think it was a 5% cut.
    I'll just have to take a longer run I guess.
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  5. White

    White Well-Known Member

    Saia gave a raise, had sign on bonuses, and offer GOOD benefits. Would it have been in their best interest to have freight sit? Need butts in seats to grow. Business has slowed. Appears they cut bad apples. I think everyone invested would prefer to need to pay the bonuses. What would YOU do if it was your "baby"?
  6. suicidejockey

    suicidejockey Active Member

    I think they should axe this sleep apnea deal too it's a joke no telling what it costs too heck it's not even federal law yet
  7. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    As far as I can see, the sleep apnea thing is here to stay. However, CSA reform is on the table, and my sources think it will go through. Time will tell. All I know is that I'm not looking over my shoulder, wondering if I'm next. Life is good.
  8. Dracula

    Dracula Well-Known Member

    There is no denying that freight has slowed. Why, who really knows. In response, the company has made layoffs, drivers are being cut on a nightly basis, and hourly workers are not working as many hours as before, it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it. The question is, what is my personal plan to weather this slowdown. All I can do is report on time, or if I am cut, and I have been like everyone else, enjoy the extra family time, do what I am suppose to do, and if I scheduled for something different, run it. For those who have been laid off, I am sorry and wish you the best. For the rest of us, hunker down the company will survive. O'Dell and company have been down this road before. Like Oddball said in Kelly's Heroes, " have a little faith, baby".
  9. rollerskater

    rollerskater Member

    Amen on have in the lord. If I allows one door to close , we must trust and have faith he has another door of options to open. I speak from first hand experience.
  10. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    If I was a linehaul person at Saia, I would call the terminal or central before even coming in.
  11. suicidejockey

    suicidejockey Active Member

    Why ??? they call me when I'm cut also you can check it on the eic but I guess everyone's outbound crew isn't up to speed like some are
  12. conartist

    conartist Active Member

    Well, it's not looking good at my terminal. We cut 10 linehaul drivers friday night.. that would be the majority of LH drivers here.
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  13. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    My point is...I lived 40 miles from my terminal. If a cut was more likely than not, as you guys are indicating, I would save myself the time and gas and make some phone calls before heading to the terminal. My experience was that no one would give me the courtesy, so I would take it upon myself to find out.
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  14. runawaytrain

    runawaytrain Wear their scorn with pride.

    Buck I realize you are responding to SJ's post but why don't you quote him by clicking the reply within his post so everyone knows who you are replying to instead of going all the way down the thread and hitting reply.
  15. Jack Knife

    Jack Knife Well-Known Member

    if you report to work and cut you are paid 2 hrs, it was my turn the other night and I had already hooked up when they decided to cut they cut a later man in my place and cut me the next night. so no big deal in calling in first.
  16. renegaderider

    renegaderider Active Member

    Since freight is slow I guess it shouldn't be hard to put in and get granted vacation time. When weather get bad next month and loads and pickups start backing up in the systems due 2 roads 2 bad 2 run the ones still here gone get ran like crazy or they wish they had a few drivers back.
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  17. conartist

    conartist Active Member

    Did anybody else notice that they removed the wages from the SAIA billboard near the CGO barn? The billboard used to say the exact hourly wage and the CPM, now they changed it to "up to 80000/year"... I'm not speculating that there's going to be a paycut, but this action does fit the narrative.
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  18. suicidejockey

    suicidejockey Active Member

    They took down the sign at the end of the driveway at ATL about two weeks ago and did anyone notice they took down the ( saia hires ) Facebook page about a month and a half ago
  19. bigbuck

    bigbuck Active Member

    IMO... It would be in extreme poor taste and tact to have any signage/Facebook advertising wages and/or hiring, when they have layed off, and may not be done.
  20. gearraker

    gearraker Active Member

    There will not be a pay cut...rick said in the quartley confrence call with the investors that would not be the case and he also said next yrs wage increase would probaly be 3 %....everybody take a chill pill
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