Move Over Uber, Here Comes UPS

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    There must be a shortage of package car drivers at UPS too? I'm sure Hoffa and the new head of the Package Division Denis Taylor are busy "monitoring the situation"?!

    Denis Taylor, principal officer of Local 355 in Baltimore, has been appointed Package Division Director and co-chair of the UPS National Negotiating Committee.

    Denis is a long time Teamster and also serves as an International Trustee on the General Executive Board and President of Joint Council 62. Having started as a Teamster in the package delivery industry as a driver for UPS, Denis has the experience, commitment and knowledge to lead the upcoming negotiations to continue to build upon and improve our industry leading contract.

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    SWEET Deal and I'm ready to start hauling for them for the Xmas season ! but do they still take out -15% package del surcharge ? [​IMG]
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