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    started out on Monday morning from Indy and took a load of beer (that I picked up from Colombus on Friday) to Evansville. I picked up a load in Evansville going to Rogers Arkansas, and stopped overnight at the Hoods at i44 exit 61 in Missouri.

    Dropped the load off at Rogers Tuesday morning, then drove to Baxtor Springs KS and picked up a load going to Claysburg PA. Load to PA isn't due until tomorrow morning. Stopped overnight last night at the Pilot in St Robert Missouri. Now I'm at the Loves in Knightstown IN.

    Thursday I'm picking up a load in Fredrick, Maryland. Been to that customer several times before, so I know how to get there.

    From Maryland its back to Indy. I'll be home Friday afternoon with roughly 60 hours for the week.

    Easy week.

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