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Discussion in 'Land Air Express Of New England' started by ltltrkr, Dec 2, 2016.

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    What was left of Land Air was bought by NE Freightways(old news). If you look at Land Air Epress of New England's Website ( )it has not changed since the shutdown and still shows terminals in NJ !!! But if you go to to North East Freightways site( it shows Northeast Freightways Inc. dba Land Air Express. It has a modified Land Air map with thier current footprint and pics of both companies trucks.

    Shouldn't this thread now be Called NE Freightways/Land Air , Or some version of the 2 names ???
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    What happened to Spencer? Did they make him available to the industry, or give him a lesser position?
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    I'm sure he is banging his head on the bottom of his new bosses desk. Oh well, he can just walk it off......
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