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Discussion in 'Estes Express Lines' started by Up2menow, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Has anyone had dealings with management or just people in general at Nashville (037)? I have thought about applying but have heard many different things. Just kinda wanting to know before I make a final decision and deeply regret it because of the people I work with.
  2. dpog28

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    I'm not out of that terminal, however, the times I've been there I never had any problems with the people I've had to deal with.
  3. drummerforhire

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    One of the best managed terminals in my opinion.
  4. Kenworth Kid

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    We have 2 scheduled runs and the times I have run them for most of the time they get you in and out pretty good. Has plenty of yard space and a very well laid out terminal. One of the nicest terminals Estes has.
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    I've only been there a couple times, and both times were decent experiences. Friendly and helpful...but I think, like anywhere else, if you go to the window and expect them to welcome you with open arms, hugs n kisses, you might not think they're so friendly! I've noticed over the years, that guys have a tendency to take it personally when dispatch (or whoever they are dealing with) don't bring what they are up their eyeballs in the middle of to a screeching halt to take care of the other person's issue. (I just used a bunch of words to say, that it generally pretty much depends on your attitude. If you go in there loaded for bear, they just might respond in kind!)
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    The quicker that you can accept that 90% of Estes' management team has zero personality and is quaintly rude the easier it will be on you, especially if you're extraboard. With that being said Nashville was one of my favorites to go in and lay down at, normally quick turn around and the folks were fairly friendly. I like to be greeted with a big hug and kiss and smiles and all when I come in so it was a hard adjustment for me.
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    I run into Nashville quite frequently, most of us deal with the night dispatch/ Hub operation. The Terminal Mgr and Operations manager create the atmosphere as the case with any Trucking Company Terminal. I have always had positive experience therer andwith most all of the places that I have been. There's plenty of Opportunities in Nashville, lots of Freight goes through there.

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