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Discussion in 'General Food Service Discussion' started by Frankie Donuts, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Frankie Donuts

    Frankie Donuts New Member

    Hey guys! If anyone is interested we will be opening a Indy domicile at the end of October. The starting pay will be $27.80/hr. O.T after 40. Good insurance,dental,vision. Just fill out application at nationaldcp website. If you have any questions about the job feel free to ask.
  2. bosscityboy19

    bosscityboy19 Member

    Will you be able to get more than 40 hrs? Is this a ramp and dolly operation?
  3. conartist

    conartist Active Member

    I've seen the trucks they run out of their metro chicago shop, they have freightliners iirc, trailers with liftgates and powerjacks. Frankie would know more about their hours...
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  4. Frankie Donuts

    Frankie Donuts New Member

    Yes you would be getting more than 40. The average driver hours are around 50. No ramps,but lighthearted are used. You have to fingerprint every box though into the stores.
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  5. Frankie Donuts

    Frankie Donuts New Member

    Sorry! Liftgates are used. Side lifts and rear lifts.

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