Nationwide Phone Blitz TUESDAY 12.6.2016 For Pensions

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    Nationwide Phone Blitz TUESDAY 12.6.2016 For Pensions From Mike Walden:

    202-224-3121, follow prompts, enter zip code. T
    ell your Congress member you are opposed to the Composite proposal and another ambush to attach it to the spending bill or appropriations. Do it right this time unlike the worthless MPRA 2014.

    A National phone Blitz is needed.
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    I just did my part and the call was easy and actually got a live person on the first call. If you push the right buttons you will get every representative of your state, one at a time. :1036316054: Nice set up, many thanks to Mike Walden and KK. :1036316054: :smilies 19296:
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