New Century Sold also???

Discussion in 'Jevic Transportation' started by ha ha harry, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. mayflower

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    hey littledawg It must be nice to be on vacation on the brink of a big snow storm I wish I could go into j1 an say I"am going on vacation because it"s going to snow
  2. Moparman

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    600,000 miles on a 3 year old truck with a single driver?That's 4'000 miles every week for 3 years.How that posible?He must have the magic pencil when filling out his log!
  3. No Sir, I am the primary driver of this truck. Tuesday thru Saturday. And I have been averaging over 3000 miles a week. They do use the truck just about every Monday. And it is also used to fill in when other drivers trucks are down for whatever reason. I didnt say I put all 600,000 miles on the truck.:hysterical:
  4. If I had to work that hard, I'd have to find another job.:hysterical:
    I didn't assume Carolina Cowboy meant that he put ALL the miles on it doing a solo shuttle. You take a shuttle to slow down,right? Or so you think? :hysterical:

    And yes, mayflower, I planned my vacation around the big storm.
    For once, maybe something worked in my favor.:1036316054:
    Gotta go find the remote and my beer.:smilie_132:
  5. Gonna start a new thread called The B.S. thread. I hate seeing "New Century Sold Also???" keep coming to the top.
    That subject needs to fall off the board.
    Nobody really cares about New Century anyways.:funky: :1036316054:
  6. Gerbilexpress

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    Funny I haven't seen any blue ones that can keep up with my paycheck!:nutkick:
  7. FUNNY, I'm home by 7PM every night and am off 2 days a week. And will match paychecks hour for hour with anyone.:funky:
  8. Gerbilexpress

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    So true, but what about the days when your tractor breaks down and you sit at home making nothing. How about when you they just decide not to run your shuttle for the day. really i can go on and on and on and on!:hysterical:
  9. I tell you what, In the 4 years I've been doing this shuttle, I have never missed a run because of a truck breaking down, They have plenty trucks. And they have never just not ran the shuttle. And I'm sure if something like that happens, They have plenty local work to do.:1036316054:
  10. mayflower

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    I have a question. If mex trucks are aloud to come up here are U.S. trucks going to be aloud to deliver in Mexico?
  11. I tell you what. If we are "Allowed", You can make all my Mexico deliveries...
  12. sumdumshmuck

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    Jeffries Capital Partners Is Harry's Company.he Has 51% Karen Has 49%.
    Just Like Jevic Was Named After His Girls,jefferies Capital Partners Is Named After His Son. Think About That One


    dont tell them that them boys want to see harry fail.
  14. Gentlemen, one need only visit JEFFFERIES Capital Partners { Home } to verify.
    Just go under the "portfolio" tab adn search transportation. They own Arnold as well as some smaller interests.
  15. The principals of Jefferies Capital Partners originally established their private equity group in 1994 in affiliation with Furman Selz LLC, an international securities and investment banking firm. Furman Selz LLC was acquired by ING Groep N.V. in 1997 and ING Groep became the sponsor of our investment funds. In 2001, we entered into a strategic relationship with Jefferies & Company, Inc. Brian P. Friedman and James L. Luikart are President and Executive Vice President, respectively, of Jefferies Capital Partners. Mr. Friedman also serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Jefferies & Company, Inc. Roy L. Furman, founder and former President of Furman Selz LLC, serves as Chairman of Jefferies Capital Partners and Vice Chairman of Jefferies & Company, Inc.
  16. longhaul

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    Everyone knows that all you shuttle drivers do is stop and play video poker all the time and take 12 hrs to complete your run.......:party-smiley-017:
  17. DoorMatt

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    Nothing to think about. You are so wrong that words cannot describe how wrong you are.

    You have Internet access, READ their "about" page:

    Jefferies Capital Partners is associated with Jefferies & Company, Inc.

    Jefferies Capital Partners has NOTHING to do with Harry's loser son, or Harry or Karen. Except that they own their company now.
  18. I can only speak for myself. As I'm sure you are probably partially correct. I'm sure it happens, But I can assure you Unless I have to wait on my Meet partner. I'm always back within 9 and a half hours from leaving. We'll leave the gambling to you whiny road drivers.:tongue0002:


    dirty white boy were are you :smilie_132:
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    complete idiot

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