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    Just wondering how the new eld's are working out is everybody got one yet 12-18-17 was mandatory to have one as for me mine sucks it is gonna take a while to learn from what I can see is everybody is in more of a hurry watching the clock I think it will cause more accidents from being rushed they are gonna have to pay by the hour to make this work out nobody is gonna make any money we are gonna lose money that sucks just my 2 cent's worth
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    Are these ELD’s limited to OTR drivers?
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    12-18 came and went and i'm still on paper and not OTR as I run ONLY Local (within a 150 mile radius).
    I like that the driving time was reduced to 10 hours (like when under the Original Rules).

    Watch the clock or don't, makes no difference until the shippers and receivers are bullied by legislation to account for their faulty practices of holding Drivers hostage.

    Accidents, Crashes, Wrecks will continue regardless of what style H.O.S. is implemented.
    Too many "stuper truckers" with the "get outta my way I'm late" attitudes.
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