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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by ltl driver, May 17, 2006.

  1. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Exactly....respect me ....I respect you....
  2. boats

    boats Member

    We had a quarterly meeting not long ago. They stated we have the best wages etc,etc. I stated we don't even have the best wages for the non-union carriers. Their reply was that our wages are competitive. The best and competitive are two different things.
  3. steve5

    steve5 Active Member

    You're lucky I can't understand this post. JK. I'm just pointing out the obvious, never knew thier wages were an issue until now. Just want an example of the standard "we" are looking for, did not mean to offend. By the way, are you trying to raise your post count GT? Just kidding.
  4. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Yes Yes trying to be cool!!!! Got rid of the satelite dish and don't have anything better to do.......Is it my post that is unclear or.....
  5. Animo916

    Animo916 Active Member


    I was refering to the wages your company was paying back in 94 compared to Teamster wages. By the way....have you thanked the Teamsters for your wage increases?
  6. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Nah he single handedly has made it better and lives in the perfect world....Integration is coming and the we will see....Is that like wait and see????
  7. Moparman

    Moparman Member

    Watch what you say Animo it may get deleted by some super dooper moderator.I guess some people just can't stand the truth.....Can you here me Burtus....opps sorry!
  8. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Did you get your nether region smacked for standing UP???
  9. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    Didn't mean to edit your post (I made sure nothing was edited), my mouse is posessed!!
    It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with the moderator, as long as you are following the rules, you don't have to worry about being deleted.
  10. Animo916

    Animo916 Active Member


    thanks for sticking up for me. As most of the Mods and members of this forum know, I respect their opinions. However when somone (no matter who it is or what side of the fence they are on) gives false information I will be certain to give the matter my fullest attention and try to correct the mistake. When someone disagrees with me I will debate them in an intelligent manner. Now having said that, let me say this.

    I was afforded the opportunity of viewing the DVD this week for myself. Having been an employee of Suggs and McKenzie in the past, I swore after they left Preston, if I ever saw either of them again, I would spit in their face. So now that I've cleaned off my monitor, all I can say is it reminded me exactly of what they told us at Preston when they wanted us to give back some of our wages to "save" the company. Suggs and McKenzie "PROMISED" us that after 3 years of salary concessions, we would be brought back to full union scale. Ultimately what happened after that 3rd year was that they told us they couldn't afford to bring us back to scale but could keep us "frozen" at 5% less than scale. And a year later, when we had new contract negotiations, they managed to get a "Preston Contract" keeping us below the prevailing wages. So forgive me if these men have left a sour taste in my mouth, but there is nothing either of them could ever say that I would believe. Maybe we (Preston People) should have gotten their "promise" in writing. :duh:
  11. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Did it have a cool title like "THE VISION" and all? You know that makes it more beleivable....
  12. Skeeter

    Skeeter Well-Known Member

    :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :
  13. accelerator

    accelerator Active Member

    You know something I would have to agree with this comment!!!!!:holysheep: :holysheep:

    My new jobclass is "Freight Redundancy Specialist".

    This Person will have the ability
    to tolerate mentally challenged dispatchers
    who excell in the art of ignorance redundancy,
    and can withstand driving 18 wheelers at
    top end speeds in circles.
  14. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    HUH which part....Not perfect or Yeah company?????
  15. serta

    serta Active Member

    or was it the best equipment? We all have old junk, but your trailers are the worst!
  16. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    MC trailers????? Well this is highly debatable but I can appreciate your dislike.....But this was not my point and besides our trailers are your trailers and your trailers are ours.....So what is the point?????
  17. Greezy Trucker

    Greezy Trucker Active Member

    Just figured out from another thread that you don't belong to the disfunctional family and just throwing in your 2 cents? And yes there are many crappy trailers.....
  18. boats

    boats Member

    Serta our trailers are the worst. But your tractors are the worst.:biglaugh:
  19. serta

    serta Active Member

    You got that right! They've been slowly getting rid of them, but for every 100 they buy, we need 150, so the process is slow. Always said we must be the toughest sob's to drive them across the cross bronx:chairshot: :nutkick: <---thats what it feels like going through there!
  20. BusterNite

    BusterNite Well-Known Member

    Over the last 5 years &quot;O&quot; has been on a downwards spiral spin to total embarrassment!

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