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Discussion in 'New Penn' started by truthabout776FB, Feb 7, 2016.

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    We must vote for the Teamsters United ticket in the upcoming election. With out your support Hoffa will be able to run unopposed. This election is about getting Zuckerman on the ballot so all Teamsters have a choice. If Zuckerman doesn't get our delegate votes at the convention Hoffa wins by default. Hoffa has a war chest full of money but we have our voice. Together we can rebuild the IBT. We can't risk Thompson and Hicks going to Vegas and selling us out again in support of Hoffa. This election is not personal it's about right and wrong. The right choice is voting Teamsters United in support of Fred Zuckerman. Our future depends on it. Thompson and Hicks are counting on ignorance that's why they are no explaining themselves or the process. Please pass this on to every Teamster you know. We must inform ABF, UPSF,UPS Brown, New Penn, and all Public sector men and women. Don't let your voice be silenced or your vote be stolen. You should visit their website, or their Facebook page at Teamsters United 776. NO MORE CONCESSIONS NO MORE LIES !!!
    Thompson/ Hicks / Taylor/Durst/ and Goodling have abandoned us. While the house is burning down they are campaigning for a trip to Vegas on our dime. These are Hoffa's boys doing his bidding. How can you sell us out like that. Isn't the $ 244 a week raise enough for you boys? That's 12,600 a year per agent. Yep that's right each agent got a profit sharing contribution of $244 per week while we lose jobs at UPSFreight and YRC members continue to suffer. Members need to call the Jefferson street boys out on their actions and hold them accountable.
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    Last Teamster election had a 2% voter turnout so good luck getting rid of Hoffa when a self addressed envelope is sent to a Teamsters home and he is too lazy to put it in a mailbox
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    I can't argue with the facts and what you stated is absolutely true. But read what the man said we can make the difference by talking to other members and explain the importance of this election. It's up to us to get off our collective lazy ass and get the word out and educate our brothers and sisters. We can make a difference!
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