NO TAX for 20 years!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Magoo, Oct 1, 2016.

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    It is blatantly obvious that the leftists enjoyed watching America collapse. And now, as they see an attempt at fixing America taking place, they are kicking and screaming bloody murder over every little issue.
    Trump has exposed their hatred for our country, so if he does nothing else, he has at least exposed them for what they believe and what they have done to our nation.
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    Making public someone else's return is a Felony...
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    Unless you're a snowflake trying to undermine the president, I guess....
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    Maddow, being the ever "classy" leftist, blamed her audience
    typical leftist, always blaming someone else

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    Germany treated the Jewish people better than any other nation of Europe. Hitler threw the commies out who happened to almost all be Jewish....then the Jewish businessmen of the whole world declared war on him..........and when that money gets thrown around...attacks come from every direction......I think they intentionally left their own people to die there, those businessmen.....They left Hitler no choice. And them same businessmen funded the commies right next to Hitler in Russia. They wanted a commie Germany. ...eventually they got half of it...East Germany.
    Similar attacks are happening to Trump.

    What is the reason Hitler viewed the jews as enemies?
    just because they were Jews?
    I doubt it.
    They must've been doing something.
    Probably the same thing we've seen being done here....Christianity always on the retreat....Government replacing it.
    Communism. No God. Just state.
    Anybody have a rational reason from our textbooks on why they say he did what he did?
    It makes no sense that "hate" just to hate was the reason.
    Today's conflict with Muslims is much far as why people might fear them...
    But the Jews?
    They never made habit of outright having religious why did he do what he did?
    They wanted to take over and he didn't allow it is the only rational idea.
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    Hitler laid it out in his political rant Mein Kampf
    People act shocked at what Hitler did, he said what he was going to do in his book

    That said what does this have to do with Trump and his taxes?

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