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Discussion in 'Thurston Motor Lines' started by Jeff, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I got my first job as a dock worker at Thurston in 1975 . Left college to go to work on 3 rd shift for the first 8 years. It made me appreciate hard work and getting compensated very well. Oh yea, if the Union Truckers got a raise, so did we. That was the only way to keep your good employees. Doc Thurston and Earnest Brantly were hard core but very fair. I called Earl about an issue in Knoxville and he told me to get some rest and he would address the situation during the day. I went to work that night and the next morning my terminal mgr. called me in his office and informed me he had been contacted from Charlotte. I told him if the issue wasn't cleared up I would call him again tomorrow. It was all good after that. I really respected Earnest Brantly
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