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    Been driving linehaul for another company for five years. There's a new southeastern freight terminal being built up the road from me in Northern Kentucky. Does anybody have any information on this? How's the linehaul with southeastern freight? My company just got bought out, not mentioning any names here. Not to sure how things are gonna turn out but. Southeastern looks like a good company. I heard this new terminal will be the northern most terminal and it's gonna have about 120 plus doors.
  2. adrock

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    I'm only interested in linehaul. Any linehaul drivers like to comment on their experiences, likes, dislikes, etc.?
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    I use to work for them. Current mileage rate is .58. About $24 per hour when waiting or breakdown. You get paid hourly after waiting an hour. $8.50 to hook or break a set if I'm correct. Schedule depends on the terminal or what's open. Could possibility get home everyday or every other. They also have system drivers out all week. Linehaul is the only job I would consider at SEFL. No layoffs but there can be some real short nights or rotated off.
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    Your info is correct, I've been with SEFL since 2008 as a combo linehaul driver. Currently in line for fulltime
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    If you are in line haul it's great! If you are p&d then you are the peon they wipe their feet on before climbing the ladder
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