now i understand why they call them Crash & Roll Stunt Team

Discussion in 'CRST' started by MidnightFox, Oct 6, 2010.

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    so far my XP with CRST have not been well for driving with their trainers.
    First Trainer loved to text behind the wheel. When he wasn't doing that he was messing with his car grade GPS or XM Radio. all the while going side to side going down the road. couldn't hold a line if it could save his life. I left his truck after an accident, granted it was my fault for the accident.(upon steeping in to the driver's side of the semi i split my head open. had to get 5 staples) But with him texting behind the Wheel I didn't feel safe to continue to drive with him.
    Second Trainer thought it was a good idea to take his slow cooker in to his lap and proceed to empty a pair of cans of soup in to the dish all the while going 60+mph down the road. Then there was the issue of looking and reading travel maps for the next truckstop while driving. Then the verbal abuse calling me a **** up and telling me that i'm best off doing something else besides driving a semi. I got fed up with the abuse and left that truck. Good thing that i did too, came to find out he had an accident 2 weeks ago.
    Third trainer while a good driver for the most part needs to work on his communications with other people. At one point he because barking mad cause i couldn't understand what he was saying by just pointing down. I was having to do some straight line backing and he stepped out of the tractor and walked over to my window and started to point down. for me i was clueless as to what he was trying to say. when the truck started to roll back cause i wasn't putting enough pressure on the clutch. he jummped up on the door barking mad telling me to quote "roll down the ******* window and to ******* listen to him." now if i was to come up to your window and point down you have no clue what i'm trying to tell you. from rolling down the window to getting out the truck. He threw me off his truck when i tried to politely explain to him that if there is a problem like that not to try to jump down my throat. i was only able to get 3 words out and he dove back in so i figured **** it and not waste my time.

    honestly i'm about ready to just say **** it and go off to Schneider or someone else. right now i'm grounded until this damn sleep study gets done. today i'm going to start hounding my doc to see if there is an update on it or what.
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    Yea.. talk to the guy who drove up on the boardwalk, what a big dope!

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    Try to get away from the gypo's. Start trying to get on at a LTL. Majority of them offer training, even with marginal experience. The wreck might be a problem. But try. Better pay and benefits. Just my advice.

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