NY. WHOOPS low bridge,Conway Semi.

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Apostolic, May 19, 2009.

  1. Apostolic

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  2. Try a visual

    In the ole days; if in doubt, we eased up close. stopped twisted the stack mirror around to see and eased up closer to check nose vs bridge. Were always in doubt on any overhead north of Richmond, VA. Even the marked ones were sometimes bad low.
  3. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    One less lift gate to use.
    Get another Temporary driver.
    Correctamundo about ANY Overpass N. of Richmond, VA.
    A LOT of bridges in Joisey and PA., might claim to be 13'6" yet carefully approaching them reveals some are not, however some are marked as 13'3" and are passable so go figure.
    The MYTH about "all bridges in the North East are dug lower than what the Height states" is another of the many FANTASIES like Santa, a smart blonde and the Easter Bunny.
    - - -
    There ought to be a separate thread titled "People too stupid to be driving Trucks!"
    That thread is where the Conway goofball would be placed.
  4. inthegame

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    Watch the video see if you notice the 10'10" sign.
  5. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    10-2, 10-4. I guess he didn't figure it applied to him provided as stated in the video, he even saw the signage.
    "Another person too stupid to be driving Trucks!"
  6. Close encounters with overpasses....

    My nearest miss was in "Joisey", Secaucus, NJ.
    Easing down a street seeking Cardinale Trucking Co to drop some stuff at 2 AM. Foggy dark,(must have been near the river) and I see his sign just as I go by. Go on up and turn, come back. Ooops-Over pass-No marker Ease up, check nose to concrete nose clears. With window rolled down to hear I ease on. No scrubbing, bumps, peeling... Out in clear.
    Street has become little a boulevard, narrow median. I go a few yards to a crossover and whack a U and come on back....
    Oh Oh... Good to check again. Nose looks about 8 inches above concrete.
    This contraption is lower on this side than the one I came out under.
    So -No traffic on the street -Dead of night--- I backed up to where I
    crossed, whacked back over to the lane I came in on, blacked the headlites, turned on the right turn signal,(no 4 ways back then) and eased up to return. Tilt...
    This overpass was higher at the curb than the middle support. So I came back thru, wrong side of overpass on wrong side of the road, very slowly.
    Not recommended, but you gotta do what you gotta do...
  7. Cornbinder

    Cornbinder Steering wheel holder

    Not payin attention........

    Betcha a Dollar the driver was on the cell phone!:TR10driving03:
  8. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    45 years being a city driver,and I have to confess I did whack one bridge.
    I used the road now,and then to get into a residential area.
    I went on vacation for 2 weeks.
    When I came back to work I noticed the road surface looked new,it was a lot smoother.
    Well other than that I didn't give this route a thought,I just sailed under the bridge like I was used to doing.
    This bridge I had checked out many years ago,and knew I had no problem clearing it.
    Well now this time coming up the hill on the other side,the tail of my box caught the end of the bridge and tore about a foot long hole in the roof.
    I say what the hay??

    I call dispatch,and in a whinny voice telling him my story.

    Come to find out in the course of the investigation, the town,had re-surfaced the road during the period I was on vacation which brought the road up 3 &1/2 inches.

    I think the town paid for the repairs to the roof because I got a non-chargeable out of it.
    After that the town posted the bridge height which was to low for me to use again.
    DHUUU You know I knew that without the sign.
    I had to go down about 2 miles to get around the bridge.

    After I smacked that bridge, I did look back and if I had thought about the newness of the road surface a little more, I may have been able to figure out that road was repaved.

    But it was a very long time ago,and you usually don't think of stuff like that till after the deed has been done.

    This is why its so important for every professional driver to stay alert,and focus on everything.
    For the job you save may be your own!
  9. The Haymaker

    The Haymaker New Member

    In the picture, you can see him begging to be pulled back so he can try again in a higher gear. There's more stops to be made!
  10. RickyRicardo

    RickyRicardo Active Member

    I noticed it since you mentioned it, but it was not the typical yellow and black sign.
    I don't think it was nearly that low anyway. It looks as if the tractor cleared.
    Our tractors are just as tall as the trailers are, so if the tractor makes it the trailer will too.
    Perhaps that's what he was thinking too, and was driving a substitute tractor.
  11. Ranger309

    Ranger309 Banned

    Gotta hand it to him, even if he is a Con-Way driver.:TR10driving03:

    That 10'-10" sign is pretty small and if the road engineers had used reflective paint on the overpass or a few warning arrows, this could be avoided by all by the most stupid drivers.
  12. Apostolic

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    Just one word comes to mind in order to avoid hitting a low bridge.
    (FOCUS) yes focusing on your route,and signage if your not used to the area.

  13. Cerberus_Kelpie

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    Just like Backing inciDENTS, it is easier to avoid problems through the deft use of G.O.A.L. or Get Out And Look!!

    Sometimes it's just easier to cruise into things.
  14. Apostolic

    Apostolic Super Moderator Staff Member

    When a driver stuffs a trailer under a low bridge.
    Then some towing company has to un-stuff it,which can be a real hassle,not to mention the cost to the trucking company that owns the trailer.
    YouTube - Wrecked 2

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