Obama salutes Cardinals as 'greatest comeback team'

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    The most famous White Sox fan saluted the St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon as baseball greatest comeback team ever.

    In a gathering at the White House to recognize the World Series winners, President Barack Obama recalled the Cardinals' historic march to the championship as exciting and rare.

    "Every once in a while, something happens that we have never seen before, something unique. And that is why it is my pleasure to stand here with the greatest comeback team in the history of baseball," said Obama, standing in front of 20 Cardinals players and other club personnel.

    The ceremony in the chandeliered White House East Room was attended by about 175 Missourians, politicians and local Cardinals fans who swung an invitation. It capped off a day in the Washington area in which the Cardinals visited wounded veterans at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    Two key figures from the Cardinals championship season were absent: Albert Pujols, who has since signed with the Los Angeles Angels; and manager Tony La Russa, who retired when the season ended.

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