old West Chester TM yells and curses at cutsomer

Discussion in 'A. Duie Pyle' started by mothertrucker, May 4, 2014.

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    got it on a really really good authority and seen the paper myself that the old TM V A started yelling and cursing with the F word on how he has been in the business for 20 some years and all the customer was trying to do is get his frt delivered to him and he didnt even care if our customer was going to lose a lot of money and when the customer call his shipper to explain his problem before he even said the name of the OLD TM the shipper said you must be talking about Vin the shipper said they don't want to ship with us any more because he is so dam rude it will be truly amazing to see if this gets covered up if the the Lattas don't do anything about this then the PYLE culture is truly dead there is more to this story but that is the meat and potatoes of the story
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    Must be trash freight and the TM is just giving them a reason not to ship with you. Don't lose any sleep over it. Ever since Conway raised their rates on trash freight everybody has been trying to get rid of those accounts.

    Thanks for nothing Conway. Take your trash freight back!
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    Don't worry, R+L will take the trash. They seem to love the trash freight but they don't have to deal with it, us city drivers do. LOL
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    I would like some followup. What happened to V and the customer??

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