Ontario - Truck kills man

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    A man is dead after being struck by a transport truck on Highway 7/8 yesterday.

    The man was standing or walking on the highway west of Notre Dame Road when he was hit just before 5 p.m., police said. A red Trans-Am with its hood up was nearby but police wouldn't say he was the driver.

    OPP Sgt. Tony Moriarty said the man may have gotten out of his car because of car trouble.

    Skid marks starting near the Trans-Am and leading to a stopped tractor-trailer truck were clearly visible. There was no visible damage to the Pestell Transport truck. Pestell is a New Hamburg company.

    The victim died instantly. Police did not release his name, age or where he was from.

    Westbound lanes of Highway 7/8 were closed near the Petersburg exit for about four hours.

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