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    How far of a radius does a driver operate from his domicile dc?Can a driver stay out for 5 days or is it mainly out and back?Thanks
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    Yes, you can stay out for 5 days (you would sleep in your truck 4 nights on a 5/2).

    The distance depends on the DC. For the Buckeye, AZ DC, we can run to Silver City NM (when we have that account), Gallup NM, Las Vegas, NV, and pretty much anywhere in CA, south of Porterville.

    You get paid $42 a night to sleep in your truck, so it really isn't a big deal. Some of the drivers with more seniority can get shifts that allow them to go home every night if they choose. I couldn't do that since I live 120 miles from the DC.
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    Some weeks I am in and out of my DC maybe 2 or three times...other weeks I'm out for the entire week. The fact is that we are under constant work assignments...example. I was in route to my store when it was time for my layover. So I did my layover at another store on my way. I walked nearby the next morning to Bob Evans for breakfast. When I returned to the truck my next work assignment was on the OBC. Pick up the empty at the store and go to a vendor. We don't sit in a motel waiting on a work call, sit around in the drivers room or a truck stop waiting. So even at my home DC, I hit the sleeper...it seems that every time I go home I never get to bed as planned. My work week seems to go by rather quickly, before I know it, it is over.!
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    Quick question about Florida DCs...is there one that's better to work out of, or one to avoid? I know there's a waiting list for transfers into DCs in Florida, so I want to get as much information about them as I can, as early as I can. Thanks in advance.

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