Oregon state truck roadeo predictions

Discussion in 'Old Dominion Freight Line' started by BillyLo, May 24, 2017.

  1. flybynite

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    That's great. Congratulations to the Seattle team. Billy you need to give congratulations to the driver and leave it at that. Not everyone has the same work ethic as everyone else. If you have to help a guy, maybe suggest to him how to do his job more efficiently. Put downs can effect people in different ways. Just saying.
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  2. BIG R GUY

    BIG R GUY Patel Industries CFO

    Washington State results. All are first place winners.

    3 axle- texting while driving class-, BillyLo

    4axle- eating a BBQ while driving, Billy Lo

    5 axle- peeing in a bottle, with 2 hands on the wheel, BillyLo

    Twins- drivers over 300# class, BillyLo

    Step Van- BillyLo disqualified. Driver would not fit through door of vehicle...
  3. flybynite

    flybynite Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha. I guess cuz of that Seattle truly cleaned house. You forgot the,

    Straight Truck- mixing martini's while driving, Billylo
  4. JIM BOB

    JIM BOB Super Moderator Staff Member

    Some of you fellas enjoy pounding each other.Go ahead.Fun is fun but do not drag an innocent bystander into it......as usual if this is not in the rule book it is now.
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  5. flybynite

    flybynite Well-Known Member

    Jim, if I personally met Billy, I would probably take him out for beer and pretzels. Just sarcasm. I understand though.
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  6. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    Most of these guys come here to pound on OD drivers because in the real world our company is pounding them into the ground!!!!!! Hail OD.
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  7. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    At Cartlandia?
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  8. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    How come your safety boy don't want nothing to do with roadeos this year?
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  9. flybynite

    flybynite Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure. He held 1 practice here. Says it up to us to practice on our own. My last company we practiced for 2 months prior to the competition. Every Saturday. Tests, Pretrip, and a different course each week. Maybe he is upset. They were going to have the competition here, but it was rethought. To many bids run in and out on Saturday
  10. Big Dave

    Big Dave What?! A low bridge and boardwalk at same time?!!

    I have the utmost respect for OD drivers and OD. In fact, this one customer tried to get me to pick up this 20 foot, 2000lb bundle of steel that was only strapped together and I told them OD would be the perfect carrier for this shipment.....
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  11. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    I come to clean up the trash a lot. Rip off he fragile cones on the Freight already in the trailer and throw it on top like a dock worker would.
  12. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    It's weird, roadeo seemed to be a big thing for him past years.
  13. Knucklehead

    Knucklehead Active Member

    Dont get on Mr Safety..He might have something going on in his personal life right now..or might be up to his neck in problems with the CMS and new hires. He's a pretty good guy so cut him sone slack. Being a professional driver you should be able to do most of the drive portion and just brush up on the pre and post trip stuff. Also maybe teach a lot of guys what a pre and post trip are. but then again thats part of being a professional DRIVER and not a steering wheel holder. Imagine what it would be like if everyone slowed down just a little and did their job properly...we have the same problem at the grocery house.. no practice at all this year..might be something in the air. One driver asked why the in house mini rodeo was cancelled this year and was told Management just didnt feel like doing it...
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  14. BillyLo

    BillyLo Service 2.0 OD Strong All Time Mastio Champion

    How did your grocery guys do at the state roadeo?
  15. Knucklehead

    Knucklehead Active Member

    No one said anything so who knows..there might not be anyone who competed...I heard the Seattle guys did real good this year so congrats to all..

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