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    Local business agent told me 3 sysco barns just organized Miami ,south Carolina and he things Idaho can anyone confirm and if they did congratulations
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    Good luck to all is all I can say. Hopefully they're big groups, warehouse AND drivers together so they have some serious leverage. Sysco doesn't play nice and the attorneys leading their negotiations will do everything legally allowed to stall a deal hoping to win a war of attrition as union supporters quit over time. Even if they step outside the boundaries of what's allowed the very expensive (more attorney's fees) burden of proof lies with the union.
    They have a bigger pile of money to fight and ALL the time in the world. 2.5yrs after we voted and $100k in attorney's fees spent by the union unsuccessfully filing/arguing/losing labor charges we still don't have a contract. union and the company haven't even met in almost a year.
    Hopefully those guys have a better go of it
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    Yep. These businesses line the politicians pockets to keep laws in their favor. When the employee free choice act was introduced it had language in the bill to address all of this, including time limits on first contracts. Fred Smith of FedEx personally lobbied hard against that legislation as well as numerous others. Obama let it die due to pursuing Healthcare reform.

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