Overall how is every body doing ?

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    SMOKESTACK Administrator Staff Member

    Overall how is every body doing ?
    Have you guys been finding suitable employment.

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  2. 7of9

    7of9 Member

    Overall we are surviving, I got a job working for about 15000 less per year, not behind on bills yet. We will probably have to get rid of some of the conveniences we had (ie Harley, quadrunners, and start eating less...although for me that wouldn't be bad). Jevic spoiled us with good pay, I always looked at it as if I work harder I can make more money for my family. Now, I am on a set run that pays the same everyday. I don't like it that much and will continue to look for something that pays better.
  3. officegeek

    officegeek New Member


    Trying to get it together.
  4. DoorMatt

    DoorMatt Member

    Waiting for a background check. Trying to use this as a way to improve rather than as a set back. Got insurance through wife's job, paying a fortune. Ouch.
  5. big blue

    big blue Member

    I have been on a new job for 2 weeks, will be making 18,000 less a year. I guess i am spoiled like other jevic drivers, having to now sleep in truck but at least I am off on weekends still. I am thankful, it could have been worst.
  6. BuzzBeez

    BuzzBeez Extraboard Crazy

    Just signed up for unemployment today but hope to be working in a couple weeks. Pay cut here too.
  7. crossing fingers hopeing to get this really good job
  8. dotxj8

    dotxj8 New Member

    got job making 10,000 less better than nothing. should get trk. thur. went schneider. from blue to orange. good luck to all my fellow jevic friends.

    SMOKESTACK Administrator Staff Member

    I'm thinking about all of you guys and wishing the best .
  10. Good things happen to good people. You'll get it!:1036316054:
  11. I'm currently sitting on 2 job offers for less money that will get me home on the weekends. But interviewed Thursday for a great job that would get me home daily and actually be making more money and better benefits. Crossed Fingers, Toes, and Eyes
  12. Truckerwife723

    Truckerwife723 New Member

    Hubby just flew out today to start with Cowan. Not sure how much less he'll be making yet- but I do know insurance is going to cost a lot more. Hoping the paychecks actually clear and waiting for a loan from my 401K to pay the mortgage. Hoping too for weekends home. Not ready to be the wife of an OTR driver again. Got so spoiled with Jevic too.
  13. localdriver

    localdriver Member

    running Local Philly, Started June 2,
  14. m3sews

    m3sews Member

    Carolina Cowboy,
    The co. that interviewed you Thursday, are they looking for drivers in PA?
  15. shoeman

    shoeman Modulator

    Somehow I knew you would be my redheaded-stepbrother in the BROTHERHOOD! You do realize that now it is mandatory to go to the Teamster forum! Good luck to all!!:jiggy::jiggy:
  16. DoorMatt

    DoorMatt Member

    Still waiting for the ABF background check. Seems Jevic's HR isn't doing the verifications that are requested.

    I'm 54 years old and I get the first unemployment check of my life on Friday.
  17. shoeman

    shoeman Modulator

    Brings tears to my eyes DOORMATT. Company screws you with your job and then ****s you when looking for a new one! Good luck with the ABF thing hope it works out!
  18. BuzzBeez

    BuzzBeez Extraboard Crazy

    no abf here

    I filled out abf app. on internet same day jevic told us that was it, but never heard a peep out of them. Guess 56 years old and 35 years experience is not what they need. Would have been nice if they would just send you something or tell you to get lost.
  19. Truckerwife723

    Truckerwife723 New Member

    Hubby just got his truck with Cowan-heading twords NJ. Said so far so good.

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